Since 2017


One in the other   (The One)   Diptych  Mixing Technical on paper  160x270centimeter  2017


One in the other    (The Other)   Diptych  Mixing Technical on paper  160x270centimeter   2017

Spooky Giftedness   Acrylic on canva  100x100centimeter   2018

Tremendous Expension   Mixing Technical   50x70centimeter   2019

Levitationel Harmony    Acrylic on paper   50x70centimeter   2019

Luminous Evanescence   Mixing Technical   50x70centimeter   2019

Pure Renaissance   Mixing Technical   50x70centimeter   2019

Immeasurable Spread   Mixing Technical   50x70centimeter   2019

Inescapable Crossing  Mixing Technical   50x70centimeter   2019

Supernova Lova    Acrylic on paper   50x70centimeter   2018

Open Heart    Acrylic on paper   50x70centimeter   2019



Sketchbook   Drawing of 2019



In Public Space

Vague Abonde

Wave of life   Acrylic on glass  110x240centimeter  La Condition Publique  Roubaix   2016

Where i come from   Acrylic on painters tape  200x60centimeter  Residency In Situ  with La Fourmie  Le Finistère  2017


Gelatinous  Troupe   Acrylic on tape  Pile au rendez-vous  La Condition Publique  150x90centimeter  Roubaix  2016 



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