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Performance Coloring   Participatory Street Art  6x3meter  Mèze   2021 

       A sensory, singular, atypical language opens with joy here before your eyes. I open tracks beyond standards, boxes, and I choose the map of the infinity of possibilities. Plastic Arts /// Body-Word /// Writing /// Reading /// Then interfered as materials sensitive to my findings. Various alloys between them, where my source expands, in the obvious happy to realize me simply.

       The benevolent expression of what I am in the moment is then diffused in my poetic palette, in these features that are exposed to the world and to us, in these works that follow, in that listening eye, in the heart that speaks freely. There is no boundary line to spaces and times, it is for me a deliverance of instinctive and delicate gestures with quietness, listening organically to the peaceful path that i trace. Light movement, place of emptiness and fullness, associated colors, intense radiation, incessant and unalterable life in all my creations. 

       Exposition /// Residency /// White Card /// In situ Project /// Scenography /// Event /// Mediation. Different angles of opening to taste the extent of my approach. Installation /// Drawing /// Sculpture /// Performance /// Photography /// Poetry /// Workshop. Here and now for us, and again and again, a medium to discover for myself in other presents, as a playful sign to so much unalterable openness to paths still uncrowded.

       Unspeakable form, eternal trace of a transcendent meditation, caress of the impalpable in volume, meeting and interaction of the public, inescapable contemplation of one end of my pen, swims to peace without fear and without attachment inside oneself. I walk in the art that i propose and in the life that i lead for to realize me purely.

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