About me

A singular, atypical and jubilant approach hereby unveils before your eyes. I interfere with the standards and compartments to embrace the infinite possibilities by playing with plastic arts, body, words, writing and reading as the sensitive materials of my discoveries.

At the crossing of street art and contemporary art, oneself and others, here and there, you and me, meeting, sharing, interacting, participating, at the heart of my artistic process lies the friendly expression of the fact that we are in the present, without having to hide anything. Inside or outside, in an institution or in a gallery, wildly or officially, in an urban or a natural set, there is no border to the spaces and partners to emancipate oneself with.

Installation, fresco, painting, performance, poetry, scenography, drawing, all are used, all vibrate. What inspires me is delivered without having to wonder why. No limits, the immutable nature and its rules lead my steps. Residencies, workshops, cartes blanches, specific orders, collaborations, they are all performed in situ.

Take time to wander through the website, there is so much wealth to discover, so much diversity without filter, so much love for life that lies here.

Live? … Let us play!

P1000375Wave La Condition Public Roubaix July 2016

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