Since 2013

Coloring   Participatory Street art. This is an installation that I create In Situ where public can create the art by improvising with myself. Initially there are empty shapes that must be colored with gaff of different sizes and colors, in the end the lines of the departure disappear to let live shapes freely in space. 

Artistic File Performance Coloring Aurélien Nadaud

Coloring   Festival d’Aurillac  10x2meter  Aurillac   2018

Wall of Ressent  Public write, draw, give their feelings on the wall, on the gaff directly.


Wall Wall of Culture Commune   Culture Commune National Scene   2015

Public Relaxation Area  Comfortable chairs are installed in a space, each one is free to stop, to rest, to take time in the public space. Meeting with oneself, me, others and space from here.

Relaxation Area   48h Neukolln  Festival  Berlin   2016

Intimate Public Area   A comfortable spaceto relax, to meet and to meet each other. A Place where furniture is talking.


Intimate Public Area   Signal  Bruxelles   2015

Atypical Trip We are having a stroll to discover ourselves, the others and the characteristic of places. This is a sensory, individual and collective experience where I’m the guide and I propose to the people to improvise during the propositions on the way. This is a urban, rural or natural space. Several possibilities: walking slowly, not talking but exchanging, writing, setting up an artwork with a collective and a lot more surprises.

Atypical trip of Cergy   Cergy Soit !   Paris   2017 

On The Way   From a neighbourhood to another, on a rural to an urban space, in a city or in nature, I’m walking to different spaces and I’m doing live performances for several days. Between improvised meetings and scheduled moments, follow me on the way I’m walking.


On the Way   Zat 7 !  Montpellier   2013

Welcome in the Present   On a place, with two chairs and my sensitive stuff. This is a free space where we can exchange and share in real. I’m reading you a poem, I simply smile to you, and you give me some news. We create your “here and now”. Everything is possible, up to us to listen to the vibration and to express it in freedom

Welcome in the present   Le Manège National Scene Reims    2017

Tip of Poetry   In the public space, in nature or in a closed place. Poetry tip is a moment of writing and improvised reading around author’s poetry as well as that which we will create together.

Tip of Poetry   Media  Uzès   2017

Born To Be Love   In an interior space or in public space, a wall on love stands up to us. History, poem, slam, drawing, installation, writing, reading, … elaborate with the participatory of the public around the vibration of to love.

Born To Be Love  Le Manège Scène Nationale de Reims   2017 



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